Lately i have managed to do some jobs in the garage. I have bouth an item at e-bay for the first time in my life, a rear wheel to the ZB33 project. I foud a complete B44 rear wheel whitch had all the things i need so the project is progressing slowly. Next step is to adjust chains aligment and to solve the missing clutch problem. I think i’ll go for converting a modern clutch….

A have assambled Johannas heavy crached moped with the aid of an other one who have supplied spares.The engine crancase i welded and some parts is made straight and so on. Well the result is good and the moped is now ready to roll on the road again.

The GB33 have in time for my 48:th birtday (tomorrow) got an new Digital ignition system insted of the old Lucas 18D1 mechanic battery ignition. It is the sole supplier A.O Services who got a kit based on Boyer Mk IV Digital ignition for BSA B44 / B50 whitch has picups made to fit the Lucas 18D1 distributor and the replace the points and mechanic auto advance unit with an all electrinic system. So far after a few testrides yester day the system is a wast improvemnt over the (worn) original.

Heres a picture from the final when it was time to time the igniton at 38 degrees before top dead center.