I got the opportunity to take over a second bike after my father and this is the bike i chosed. The BSA 500 Gold Star Racer, y/m ca 1956.

The bike is really well prepeared for the job. My father had a lot of fun with this bike on the track mostly in the parade class, but it is a really well bult and fast bike for the job.

The specification includes a Quife 6-speed gearbox, a Vertex high energy magneto with Dual sparks plugs. The crankshaft is a Cosworth billet crank with a Carillo conrod and Omega piston. The transmission is by Belt with a BNR (Bob Newby Racing) Clutch. Carburation is by a AMAL 38 mm MKII.

I do not intend to race the bike but I will run it in on the road in full Race trim. I have started a gentle modification to put front and rear light on (Se picture above). This will make the bike road leagal. But it will still have to be push started….

About a month later and a decent rear light is put on the bike, witch will please the MOT and it looks smart too…