Today the BSA Gold Star Racer is back on the road again. MOT:d Taxed and ready to go the old full race Gold Star is back. But now on the road. Legal requrements as light, front and rear, electric horn is added.

The bike started its life as an BSA A10 Super Rocket almost exactly 50 years ago. It was regigistred on the 24 april 1961. By the 13 may 1968 it was rebuilt as an Gold Star and re registred. It was on the road a few years to to be put of the road (no MOT) by 1 april 1970. My Dad bought the bike 10 april 1984 and put the bike on the racetrack. He enjoyed this very much and improved it a lot.

I bought the bike 26 july 2010 and today on the 24 march 2011 the bike is back on the road.

The MOT was fully successfull, no complaints at all. As you se the +7 centigrades and windy day is full of sunshine and so am i! smiley