Bit by bit the BSA A70 Lightning will become more and more original, for this year the paint of petrol tank and side covers are becomming back to original finish.

Here is a pic from my car boot the other day, just fresh from the paint shop. I repainted the 4 gallon tank as well as the 2 1/2 gallon tank. But it is the smaller tank that will be put back on the bike from start to get the original look and feel of the Amercian styling the A70 had from new.

Note that the line on the small tank is with the original flourecent line obtained from the specialsts at Burton Bike Bits. The correct Lightning 750 side cover decals was found at VMCC. The Etruscian Bronce equavilent is from KIA Sportage (Techno Orange Metallic) and also KIA White.