Sometimes you get lucky. One morning in may i was waken by the phone, a man wondered if i or did now any who could be interested in buying a BSA, a garage had to be cleared out by a move.

The day after i visited the man and found an BSA A65 Lightning 1971 in atoms, we agreed on the price and i loaded my car from top to bottom with parts and brought it back to my garage. Started sorting things and and putting it together to find out wat was missing. I know that the engine was blown in 1974 and that parts was missing, like petrol tank, but there was a Triumph OIF tank witch could be used and some other parts. Maybe it is possible to buld an engine but this will be of older model.

The man who sold the bike was the first an ony owner since new. Sold by Halmstad Gustav, the last BSA Agent in Sweden, and also told to be the last sold BSA A65 Lightning in Sweden. First registred in may 1973 and put off licens in may 1974 due to the blown engine. Taken down in pieces and started to respray the frame black instead of grey.

Well now a month later al the chassis is put together and and was resonable complete, handelbar clamps and handelbar was missing and som minor bolt but in all quite complete, chrome is not at the best but looks ok in some distance and perfect at the pictures above and below.

So now i have put up a shell of the engine, bought a small BSA tank and put it together to get a look of how it looks. The original painting and color scheme is identical with my BSA A70 in the background. This is the result. Next step is to start paint and rebuild the chassie properly, build an engine and soon it can be back on the road…. maybe next year? The B33 project will have to wait.