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Here you will find personal related stuff about me, motorcycles and my family and friends.

New thing in the Garage

My Motocyclography Posted on Sun, October 26, 2014 18:03:44

The Honda NC700X went out this august and was replaced by older and heavier Harley Davidson XR 1200 R of 2009:s vintage. Loads of torqe and quite sporty to be a Harley.

Now Camilla and i can go on non BSA meetings on the same Brand when we are ‘civilians’. It feels like the old BSA:s are old and a more modern type is nice to have.

This picture is taken today on 26 October 2014, and it was not raining… The firs day for several weeks without rain, cloudy but ok. Here the bike is with the leafs that fallen of the trees so far in Björnås not so far from home.

Can’t wait for next spring, it is too far away…

Camilla and the Victor

Family and Friends Posted on Sun, October 26, 2014 17:54:57

Since the late 1980:s Camilla and I have been a pair (married since 1992). Here she is with her BSA B44 Victor 1970 model witch served well for many years. (the bike).

It was i little bit longer in the swingin arm than standard and a little bit higher also but Camilla managed it any way. When we bought it it had a red frame, but she wanted it to be black. And luckily we both worked at Ericsson Radar Systems at the time and there was som big conflict in the industri and we had to went on strike for a couple of weeks.

We used the time to dismantle and respray the bike to the state it is on this picture.

My first 125 cc

My Motocyclography Posted on Sun, October 26, 2014 17:48:00

My first modern motorcycle. Bought new 1977 when i was 15. Had to stay in my room for one year until i became 16 and had got a licens. Served wery well for two years until i was 18.

Took me every where in scandinavia and also a 14 days trip around Scotland with my best friend Claes. Here it is dead standard with an learner plate (Övningskörning) at the back.

The Honda 125 Twin, may look a little 1970:s now but at least the exhaust system have really good lines. 17 hp on the paper at 12000 RPM and 130 km/h on the counter, rather 120 i reality. Served well as i mentioned for 70.000 km.

Here is a PDF in Swedish where our trip to Scotland is referd in MC-Nytt December 1979.

125 Touring in Scotland