To prepare Ida, our youngest daugter, for the next class of motorcycle A2, (middle class), I bouht this used Honda NC700 S y/m 2012, the same type as the NC700 X i used to have from the same year.

It is a 35 Kw (A2) motor, twin 270 degrees crank, 670 cc with ABS, Combi Brakes, Cathalytic Converter and fuel consumtion below 3.5 liter per 100 km. High torque in enginge from low rews. NC stand for New Concept, and where the tank is, there is a large space for cargo or your helmet when stationary.

Will be a good road runner as this is low as well as have character as an old BSA Twin, even lower top rews (max 6.500 rpm).

Here i am getting the bike home. Ida can start training on the bike from the Spring 2020….