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Bodging in the workshop Posted on Sat, December 30, 2017 12:38:25

About a year ago i had opportunity to by something i had been interested in since many years, a BSA B50T Victor, 500 cc single cylinder from 1971. This was not i the trim and look i wanted but it is a start.

So during last winter this project came between the A65 buld and took all time and by the end of this summer (2017) it passed the MOT. It now got the looks but need more work to get back the original performance in the machine.

This will be a pure green lane bike, the speed performance will be low (original) but perfect for off road and really small road driving.

As I quit som of the original components as winkers it is more sutible than the original as the less stuff that is in the way. Looks more as the Motocross version but on licens.

Lightning progress 1

Bodging in the workshop Posted on Sun, June 15, 2014 22:02:34

Some small progress the last week, Petroltank, mock up engine, Exhaust Pipes 2-into-1… And a Silencer, this may be what i will look. I am not shure about paint yet, original gray frame or black? Same paint as on the A70 Lightning witch was original on this A65 Lightning??? Well time will show.

I will now start sorting out the engine issue to find out what i will put in the frame 500, 650 or 750 cc? One of this will it be, it is a pity that i do not have av 1970 or later set of crancases, whitch is slightly different around the cylinder base. But something will be bult up…

To start with i do like the siamese exhaust, so the picture is mock up of what i will become…. Stay tuned…

/ Johan

A New BSA Lightning

Bodging in the workshop Posted on Fri, June 13, 2014 19:53:08

Sometimes you get lucky. One morning in may i was waken by the phone, a man wondered if i or did now any who could be interested in buying a BSA, a garage had to be cleared out by a move.

The day after i visited the man and found an BSA A65 Lightning 1971 in atoms, we agreed on the price and i loaded my car from top to bottom with parts and brought it back to my garage. Started sorting things and and putting it together to find out wat was missing. I know that the engine was blown in 1974 and that parts was missing, like petrol tank, but there was a Triumph OIF tank witch could be used and some other parts. Maybe it is possible to buld an engine but this will be of older model.

The man who sold the bike was the first an ony owner since new. Sold by Halmstad Gustav, the last BSA Agent in Sweden, and also told to be the last sold BSA A65 Lightning in Sweden. First registred in may 1973 and put off licens in may 1974 due to the blown engine. Taken down in pieces and started to respray the frame black instead of grey.

Well now a month later al the chassis is put together and and was resonable complete, handelbar clamps and handelbar was missing and som minor bolt but in all quite complete, chrome is not at the best but looks ok in some distance and perfect at the pictures above and below.

So now i have put up a shell of the engine, bought a small BSA tank and put it together to get a look of how it looks. The original painting and color scheme is identical with my BSA A70 in the background. This is the result. Next step is to start paint and rebuild the chassie properly, build an engine and soon it can be back on the road…. maybe next year? The B33 project will have to wait.

BSA A70 Lightning in original appearance

Bodging in the workshop Posted on Sun, May 06, 2012 17:05:55

Now is my BSA A70 Lightning back on the road again. The appearnce of the maschine is now original with the small petrol tank and the correct colour scheme.

It feels good to slowly get the bike back in original condition down to detail.

It is now ready and should not be ashamed at the 49:th internationla rally this summer here in Sweden.

/ JJ

A70 Lightning more complete

Bodging in the workshop Posted on Mon, April 09, 2012 12:54:38

Bit by bit the BSA A70 Lightning will become more and more original, for this year the paint of petrol tank and side covers are becomming back to original finish.

Here is a pic from my car boot the other day, just fresh from the paint shop. I repainted the 4 gallon tank as well as the 2 1/2 gallon tank. But it is the smaller tank that will be put back on the bike from start to get the original look and feel of the Amercian styling the A70 had from new.

Note that the line on the small tank is with the original flourecent line obtained from the specialsts at Burton Bike Bits. The correct Lightning 750 side cover decals was found at VMCC. The Etruscian Bronce equavilent is from KIA Sportage (Techno Orange Metallic) and also KIA White.

Back on the road again

Bodging in the workshop Posted on Thu, March 24, 2011 11:53:38

Today the BSA Gold Star Racer is back on the road again. MOT:d Taxed and ready to go the old full race Gold Star is back. But now on the road. Legal requrements as light, front and rear, electric horn is added.

The bike started its life as an BSA A10 Super Rocket almost exactly 50 years ago. It was regigistred on the 24 april 1961. By the 13 may 1968 it was rebuilt as an Gold Star and re registred. It was on the road a few years to to be put of the road (no MOT) by 1 april 1970. My Dad bought the bike 10 april 1984 and put the bike on the racetrack. He enjoyed this very much and improved it a lot.

I bought the bike 26 july 2010 and today on the 24 march 2011 the bike is back on the road.

The MOT was fully successfull, no complaints at all. As you se the +7 centigrades and windy day is full of sunshine and so am i! smiley

Civilising a Racer

Bodging in the workshop Posted on Sun, October 10, 2010 11:57:31

I got the opportunity to take over a second bike after my father and this is the bike i chosed. The BSA 500 Gold Star Racer, y/m ca 1956.

The bike is really well prepeared for the job. My father had a lot of fun with this bike on the track mostly in the parade class, but it is a really well bult and fast bike for the job.

The specification includes a Quife 6-speed gearbox, a Vertex high energy magneto with Dual sparks plugs. The crankshaft is a Cosworth billet crank with a Carillo conrod and Omega piston. The transmission is by Belt with a BNR (Bob Newby Racing) Clutch. Carburation is by a AMAL 38 mm MKII.

I do not intend to race the bike but I will run it in on the road in full Race trim. I have started a gentle modification to put front and rear light on (Se picture above). This will make the bike road leagal. But it will still have to be push started….

About a month later and a decent rear light is put on the bike, witch will please the MOT and it looks smart too…

A70 Lightning more complete

Bodging in the workshop Posted on Wed, September 08, 2010 22:18:46

During this summer i have been doing some small things here and there. The BSA A70 got new tyres front and rear, Dunlop K70:s of course, witch make the bike look really smart.

As i realaise this models rareiness i want to make the bike back to original, and a original high rise handlebar and winkers was a good start so here is the result.

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