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Here you will find personal related stuff about me, motorcycles and my family and friends.

B33 Comp – Project update

Projects Posted on Sat, October 03, 2009 12:59:10

My B33 project i slowy moving forward but in the right direction. So far i have managed to buy a full set of engine bolts etc från Lightning Spares in stainless steel. I have a decent 7″ front brake, just recently after sorting out things i my fathers garage i found a saddle, stainless rear mudgard, cut off front fork outer sleeves with rubber gaiters and a 7″ Headlamp (complete).

I have made a set of Eddie Dow Hydraulic dampers to the fork witch will improve the front end considerably.

Well the other day i was inspired and put all together an this is the result. It feels that I am on the right way now.

I have decided to go for an 18″ rear wheel and a 21″ front wheel with knobby tires, despite the handlebar on the picture it will be a comp with raised handlebars. The main problem now is the rear wheel as i are missing all parts for this. So i really need to find a A65 rear wheel with wrinkle hub and shafts withch is what i am looking for.

/ JJ

New B33 project

Projects Posted on Sun, January 04, 2009 19:46:35

Just two days ago (the 2 of january 2009) i was fortunate to find a BSA ZB33 ridgid basketcase from 1951.

So now the garage is full of new (old) rusty bits and more. It is a 50% complete ZB33 but most of the big parts is there. So i have been thinking of what I will make of it and here it is…

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I’ll think i want to make a rigid trials bike somehing like this 1953 B34 Competition. It is so beautiful the exhaust, mudgaurds and the knobby tyres…

Mmmm… now i really have somthing to go forward with. The very old resting project with the Monark / BSA 125 cc have to wait, because this is something i really looking forward to.

Happy New Year to all friends!