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Here you will find personal related stuff about me, motorcycles and my family and friends.

Ice cold driving at night

Episodes Posted on Sun, March 09, 2008 12:24:52

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Seven a clock in the morning, in November 1988 in the south highlands at Josef Lucas Memorial a night ordnance run for motorcycles. It look frosty and yeas it is. It was 18 centigrade below freezing point. Camilla was riding her BSA B44 Victor Special 1970 witch is seen behind my BMW R100S 1980. The Victor was OK all the time, but my BMW was a serious problem in the cold. The battery had seen better days and was not able to start the bike. This model also had the modern improvement of not having a kick start. Anyone who had tried to push start a BMW now what I mean when I say it was not easy to start. Anyway, three helping persons did the trick.

Meeting in Slöinge

Episodes Posted on Tue, February 19, 2008 21:02:51

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Here we are at one of the first meeting in the Swedish BSA Owners Club history. This is the a small camping weekend in Slöinge in Halland. It was the local club in Getinge who arranged the meeting. Camilla and I was there on the A 10 Super Rocket at left in the picture.

Armoury Road – 1984

Episodes Posted on Tue, February 19, 2008 20:54:50

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One of the earlier and true highlights in my BSA life was in august 1984 when we had the opportunity to visit what was then left of the BSA factory. The ‘new’ plant was smashed down but some of the old parts were the still left. Here was the BSA Guns LTD situated but still at the legendary address Armoury Road, Birmingham.

On the picture you see, Sven Öhrnberg BSA M22 1938, Me Johan, and Mona Christensen, BSA A65 Thunderbolt 1970, Siv and Gösta Johansson BSA A10 Golden Flash 1956, and the remaining bike is an BSA A7 Shooting Star 1956? Belonging to Pat Quinlan who is behind the camera.

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My dad Gösta Johansson, Pat Quinlan and the late Mr Vale Onslow who was owner of the most famous and legendary BSA Shop, Vale Onslow in Birmingham. Pictured the same day as the photo above. Later in the 21:st century I remember a notice that said that Vale Onslow had been rewarded by the Queen as the oldest ‘still working’ person in Great Britain.

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The very same day as above but inside Vale Onslow’s BSA Shop we spotted this ´the last BSA´ the BSA A35 Fury. This was the last BSA model released by the factory before the collapse of the BSA industry imperia. The Fury was a 350 cc twin, with DOHC and a 5 speed gearbox. I my judgment a good looking bike at the time.