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Here you will find personal related stuff about me, motorcycles and my family and friends.

Honda NC700 S

Family and Friends Posted on Sun, September 01, 2019 10:43:55

To prepare Ida, our youngest daugter, for the next class of motorcycle A2, (middle class), I bouht this used Honda NC700 S y/m 2012, the same type as the NC700 X i used to have from the same year.

It is a 35 Kw (A2) motor, twin 270 degrees crank, 670 cc with ABS, Combi Brakes, Cathalytic Converter and fuel consumtion below 3.5 liter per 100 km. High torque in enginge from low rews. NC stand for New Concept, and where the tank is, there is a large space for cargo or your helmet when stationary.

Will be a good road runner as this is low as well as have character as an old BSA Twin, even lower top rews (max 6.500 rpm).

Here i am getting the bike home. Ida can start training on the bike from the Spring 2020….

Honda CB125R

Family and Friends Posted on Sun, September 01, 2019 10:30:17

Ida, wanted to ride motorcycles so we happily provided this new Honda CB125R in 2018. I Single Cylinder 4-stroke 125 cc Honda. Can make 500 km on one tank of fuel.

Modern with ABS, Cathalytic Converter and LED lights all around. Should serve her well for the comming two years.

Here pictured as a Learner in April 2018 with Grandmothers Siv and Gerd.

Honda NCS50

Family and Friends Posted on Sun, September 01, 2019 10:22:08

Our youngest Ida, used this Honda NCS50 Moped for about a year before going in to motorcycles. Bought used 2014 year model in 2017.

Worked well without no hassle, 4-stroke engine wery low on fuel consumtion.

Honda X8R

Family and Friends Posted on Sun, September 01, 2019 10:16:21

Johanna, our middle daughter, used this Moped for a year before she had a nasty accident. But som years the moped surrected again after bying a donor bike to fix it in useful condition again.
Used during a number of years from time to time and always served well.

Pictured when we bought this used 2002 year model in 2007.

Yamaha DT

Family and Friends Posted on Sun, September 01, 2019 10:11:22

David our son, used this Yamaha DT50 Moped for som years before went over to 4-wheel rides instead.

We renovated the tired 1990:s moped and made it nice with modern Yamaha badges. Here pictured in 2005 before the renovation.

The B44 Victor Special is home again

Family and Friends Posted on Mon, August 08, 2016 21:10:46

Camillas old BSA B44 Victor Special 1970 is back in our stable again. After we had the opportunity to buy it back in November 2015 it is now finished and back on the road again.

The bike was sold in pieces some 18 years ago and we could buy it back from the same guy that we sold it to, still in parts…

About a half year later, June 2016 it is assambled, registred and road legal again and have done som smal trips…

Nice bike!

Camilla and the Victor

Family and Friends Posted on Sun, October 26, 2014 17:54:57

Since the late 1980:s Camilla and I have been a pair (married since 1992). Here she is with her BSA B44 Victor 1970 model witch served well for many years. (the bike).

It was i little bit longer in the swingin arm than standard and a little bit higher also but Camilla managed it any way. When we bought it it had a red frame, but she wanted it to be black. And luckily we both worked at Ericsson Radar Systems at the time and there was som big conflict in the industri and we had to went on strike for a couple of weeks.

We used the time to dismantle and respray the bike to the state it is on this picture.

Joining the Dark Side

Family and Friends Posted on Sun, May 16, 2010 10:24:51

Last summer Camilla decided that it was time to buy a modern bike for commuting and to get a lot more time on a bike. The bike must be low to sit on comfortably etc. The suprising answer was a HD. Here Camilla and Ida is on teh bike after a rainy day out after visiting Kunsrallyt at the 13:th of May. (Me and my mother Siv made the same trip on the BSA A70).

Here they are on the 2002 Harley-Davidson XL 883 C… at least the bike got Swedish roots (from the borthers Davidson).

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